Weight Loss Calculator

With this free weight loss calculator, you can calculate how much your daily calorie intake should be reduced in order to lose the amount you want. The current amount of exercise on a weekly basis, age, gender, height and weight are entered into the basic data, and the target weight loss in kilograms and the target time in days are entered in the target fields.
You can also find a body mass index calculator on our website, click here to open.

The calculator easily gives an idea of ​​how much daily energy intake should be reduced in order to achieve the desired results. The calculator also suggests three different, pre-calculated calorie amounts based on your data to achieve a certain weight loss. It always makes sense to start with small steps, so in most cases the 0.25 kilogram loss per week offered by the counter is quite sufficient. In this way, motivation is also maintained more easily when the restrictions are lighter. If you know what you want and want to lose more weight quickly, you can choose the -0.50 kg or -0.75 kg program.

Losing weight is easier when there are clear limits and goals. Our weight loss calculator is one tool that you can use to set clear limits for yourself that cannot be crossed if you want to reach your goal. All of us slip up sometimes, but it's also easier to stay on track when there are proportions of how much extra work, for example, one extra dose of 800 kcal practically causes.

The weight loss calculator also warns if the daily kilocalorie count it provides is lower than the recommendations. The limit is 1500 kcal/day for men and 1200 kcal/day for women. Of course, there are individual differences here as well, but it's good to keep these numbers in mind. Too low energy intake causes other problems and is not the purpose of weight loss. Please also note that the calorie amounts calculated by the calculator are based on average estimates. There are differences in daily consumption between people, and the determination of the intensity and amount of weekly exercise alone is subjective. Someone else may experience light exercise differently than another.

The calculator's calculation of daily calorie consumption is based on the Mifflin-St Jeor formula, which takes into account weight, height, age and gender with certain weightings. In addition, the multiplier is the amount of exercise on a weekly basis. There are other formulas, but this method of calculation is quite widely used in the world and the results correspond on average to the calorie amounts of several other methods of calculation.

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