Engine Displacement Calculator

With this calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate the displacement of a car, moped, motorcycle or any engine. Enter the diameter of the cylinder and the stroke length of the piston and you will get the volumes of a single cylinder and all cylinders as a result. If you also want to calculate the compression ratio, enter the compression volume in cubic centimeters.

Engine Displacement

In a piston engine, the displacement is the cross-sectional area of ​​the cylinder times the stroke length. Stroke length is the length of the piston from bottom dead center (BDC) to top dead center (TDC). In a multi-cylinder engine, the displacement is stated as the sum of the displacements of all the engine's cylinders. For small equipment such as mopeds and chainsaws, the engine displacement is most often given in cubic centimeters, but for larger engines in liters and in some American cars in cubic inches.

Engine displacement and compression ratio

The compression volume is the volume remaining between the piston of the internal combustion engine and the combustion chamber of the cover when the piston is at top dead center. The compression volume also determines the compression ratio of the engine. The smaller the compression volume, the smaller the space the fuel-air mixture has to be compressed into before ignition, so the compression ratio of the engine increases.

Compression ratio means how small a space the fuel mixture is compressed during the compression stroke. Normally, the compression ratio of a naturally aspirated (i.e. non-supercharged) engine is between 9:1 and 10:1. For example, if the ratio is 10:1, the mixture is compressed in a cylinder; in the compression stroke, its volume is reduced to one-tenth of its free volume. The compression ratio of the engine can be increased afterwards in two ways. The best and, apart from the price, the most recommended way is to change the pistons to higher ones, which increases the compression ratio. A much cheaper way is to lower the cylinder head, in which case material is planed away from the cylinder head so that the cover becomes lower and the compression ratio increases.

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