Wheel Offset Calculator

With our Wheel offset calculator you can easily determine how much different wheel width and offset change the wheel position.

If you are interested in comparing the changes caused by a tire change to the rolling circle, meter error, etc., you should try our popular Tire size calculator. If you are looking for a tire size converter for inch-sized and European sized tires, You can also find one here.

Basic information about rim offset

Offset value means the distance between the mounting surface of the rim and the center line of the rim. The value can be neutral, negative or positive. With a positive value, the mounting surface of the rim is closer to the outer than the inner edge, with a negative value, the opposite is true. Neutral offset, i.e. 0, means that the mounting surface is exactly on the center line of the rim.

If the rims are changed, the offset value can be changed, but the structure of the car limits the largest or smallest possible offset value. The offset should not be measured exactly to the millimeter, as there can also be a difference in the tires. Thus, the offset may be just right for one tire, but the other tires may catch on some part of the body.

The higher the offset value, the deeper the rim is. Too high offset therefore causes the rim or tire to rub against, for example, the shock absorber or other parts of the car's body.

The lower the offset value, the further out the rim is. Too low offset can move the rim so far that the tire catches, for example, the wheel arch or other parts of the wheel housing.

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